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Tee Forming Machines
Notable for their four column body, these Tee Forming Machines use stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and brass as their raw materials. PLC controlled operation, multi cylinder based operation, hydraulic mechanism for avoiding leakage and sturdy construction are some of the main features of these machines.
Ring Rolling Machines
Available with axial and radial hot rolling principle based operating mode options, these Ring Rolling Machines are preferred for their high output level. These systems adopt hydraulic rolling force for their operation. Dual arms of their centering section are controlled by hydraulic cylinders for maintaining proper position of rings.
Elbow Making Machines
These vertical Elbow Making Machines are required to develop round shaped stainless steel or carbon steel elbows for air conditioner and ventilation equipment. These use hydraulic force for their operation. Adjustable parameters, hardened movable parts and high speed operation are the main features of these machines.
Pipe Mandrel & Moulds
The offered Pipe Mandrel & Moulds are used as essential parts of exhaust pipes for automobiles. Developed from durable steel having exceptional strength, these products are reckoned for their global standard, long working life, ease of fitting and advanced production method.
Seamless Pipe Machine
This Seamless Pipe Machine is used for producing bulk amount of round drill pipes by using advanced hot rolling technique. Error free operation, ability to maintain uniform wall thickness of produced pipes, low noise function, user friendly design and low operating cost are its main attributes.
Beveling Machine
Beveling Machine is used for preparing pipe ends prior to their welding. Standard angular position is maintained at the end of tube or pipe. This easy to operate machine helps to save labor cost for its high speed operation and smooth functioning.
Pipe Bending Machine
This high performance Beveling Machine is used for precise bending of stainless steel, mild steel, CRC and brass pipes. This system is used for producing gym equipments, furniture and automobile parts. This machine can maintain 0 to 180 degree bending angle of pipes.
Cold Forming Machine
This Cold Forming Machine is used for producing stainless steel and carbon steel elbows and tees. This machine consists of powerful hydraulic pump, main cylinder, oil pump and side cylinder. Long working life, uninterrupted operation and long working life are its main attributes.
Hot Forming Machine
Hot Forming Machine is used for maintaining precision of shape of automotive brackets, ducts, stiffeners used in aerospace arena and angles by using single piece of metal. Advanced stress relieve technique is used to prevent spring back of produced parts.
Hydraulic Press Machine
Easy to operate Hydraulic Press Machine is used for executing procedures like forming, deep drawing, straightening and punching of metal components. This equipment is also utilized for transfer molding, broaching and bonding jobs. Adjustable parameters, enclosed structure of its hydraulic system and uniform pressure distribution arrangement are its main features.
Hydraulic Cap Machine
This meticulously designed Hydraulic Cap Machine is preferred for its high automation degree and global standard. Equipped with advanced hydraulic components, this machine is safe to operate. User friendly design, long working life, mechanical controlling system and high performance are its main attributes.
Cold Forming Elbow Machine
We are a renowned name that offers best-in-class Cold Forming Elbow Machines that utilize cold forming processes to manufacture elbows from metal pipes without applying heat, maintaining material properties. They are commonly used in industries like plumbing and HVAC for precise and efficient elbow production.
Cold Forming Tee Machine
Cold Forming Tee Machine units availed by our company are employed in pipe fabrication to create tees via cold forming techniques, preserving material integrity. They are ideal for manufacturing tees with accuracy and consistency in various industries like oil and gas.

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