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Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting as the very name depicts is a process of blasting series of shots on the overhead of metals in order to make surface of the metal clean and free from unwanted deposits. To perform this process, technologically advance Shot Blasting Machine is taken into use for cleansing and casting purpose. The compact devices of this machine holds high cleansing capacity that makes the operations easier. Shot Blasting Machine removes unwanted particles even from the curved areas of the metal surface. This particular machine finds uses in construction, Shipbuilding, Automotive and Aerospace industries.

Key Points
  • This machine using two technologies wheel-blasting and air-blasting performs functions accurately.
  • Offered machine strengthen (Peen) and polish metal surface efficiently.
  • Degree of cleaning and consistency is same for all metal parts
  • Special kind of blaster in the machine is used to carefully perform blasting process.
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Roller Conveyor Dustless Shot Blasting Machine

Offered Roller Conveyor Dustless Shot Blasting Machines have been particularly organized with assembling assorted systems & parts like roller conveyors, elevators, PLC control systems, dust collectors, blast wheels, cleaning chambers, blasting chambers, abrasive recycling systems and separators. These are the appropriate choices to be utilized during the construction of buildings & bridges and can eliminate the the requirement of surface cleaning.

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Roller Conveyor Dustless Sand Blasting Machine

Provided Roller Conveyor Dustless Shot Blasting Machines are the ideal choices to be utilized during the construction of bridges and buildings because of their H and I Beam steel structures. These are applicable for eliminating the the need of surface cleaning and can reduce high stress. The products are designed and integrated with the wide range of nozzles, internal pipe cleaning devices, dust free blasting heads, wet blast attachments, abrasive control devices etc.

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Shot Blasting Machine For Wire Rods

Shot Blasting Machines For Wire Rods are used for the procedure of Shot-blasting without making the use of acid, oil or water. These machines are simple to integrate into ultramodern drawing lines and are operational at various speeds. These machines can be employed as the stand-alone machines for independent finishing.

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Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machines are the advanced technology solutions, which can remove rust, scale and several other impurities from the surfaces of metal. These optimum quality products are provided with peculiar finishing and can increase the paint life and gives esthetic beauty to metal components used in various industries.

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Turntable Shot Blasting Machine

Offered Turntable Shot Blasting Machines are employed for the cleaning interior pipe surfaces. These can be rendered with inlets, outlet conveyor and handling systems and provide superior bonding for final coating. Widely applicable for the cleaning of new as well as used seamless steel tubes, these are resistant to corrosion, distortion and other environmental impacts.

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Used Shot Blasting Machine For H Beam

Offered Shot Blasting Machines For H Beam are the steel structures, which are suitable for ship-building, field of construction and bridge industry. Primarily utilized in eliminating the stress, these are composed of shot blasting chambers, sealed auxiliary chambers, roller conveyor shot blasting assembly and different others. Used for de-rusting, de-scaling, paint removal, paint preparation and all-purpose cleaning of I-beams, metal sheets, pipes/tubes etc. these have corrosion resistant properties.

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Over Head Rail Hook Shot Blasting Machine

Provided Over Head Rail Hook Shot Blasting Machines are functional as fully automatic as well as semi automatic machines. The machines are specially appropriate for the treatment of sensitive parts, especially complex, heavy, or forging parts or large metal castings without part-on-part contact manageable. These can be utilized for a wide ambit of usages and workpiece configurations and sizes.

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Steel Tube Shot Blasting Machine

We deal in Steel Tube Shot Blasting Machines, which are employed for the imbibing the oxide coating, surface treatment for inner wall of steel tube, welding slag, increasing the orbit of the surface etc. The products are applied in the line of steel, city group heating, petroleum, chemical, group drainage and others. Offered with the benefits of improved anti-fatigue character & increased cleaning efficiency, these assist in removing stress concentration.

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Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

Appropriate for cleaning the plates of different sizes, Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machines are offered with different operating benefits that includes enhanced productivity without manpower, disposal of acid waste and elimination of acid pickling. These have been proved as the faster, cheaper and flexible solutions of steel cleaning and are commendable for their flawless performance.

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Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machine

Offered Steel Bar Shot Blasting Machines are provided with optimized surface technology, reduced labor strength of cleaning and can also decrease the environmental pollution. Employed in foundries, forging industry, heat treatment industry and others, these provide uniform, consistent and fine surface. The products are functional as the simplest as well as fastest cleaning solutions.

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Metal Shot Blasting Machine

We are offering Metal Shot Blasting Machines, which can efficiently clean, polish and strengthen the metals. These are employed in all industries, having utilization in automotive, construction, metal, aerospace, rail, foundry, shipbuilding and several others. The machines prevent cracking or metal fatigue and are appreciated for their cleaning as well as surface hardening properties.

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Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine

We are offering Tumblast Shot Blasting Machines, which enable intensive as well as gentle shot blasting at increased capacity in a polygon-shaped trough rocking back and forth. Automatic loading as well as unloading proffer an almost uninterrupted procedure with accordant high performance. Available with am wide ambit of shot blast handling technologies, there are appreciated for their compact designs, the verified operating principle and high cleaning capacity.


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